Old-growth trees are not only beautiful but beneficial as well. Their branches house birds and other pollinators, the shade they provide can reduce home energy costs, and we all can enjoy time spent under the shade of a tree. That said, sometimes these beauties don’t just need a trim, they need to be removed. And doing so before any major damage can be done is essential. Here are three ways to know that your tree needs to be removed rather than simply trimmed:

It’s Causing Structural Damage

Most trees have roots that go out as far as their branches do. So a tree trunk that is far from your home, may have branches AND roots encroaching on your home, walkways, and walls. Falling branches can do very obvious and fast damage, however, the damage caused by a tree’s root system is not as easy to see – until it’s too late. Roots can unsettle walls, warp walkways, fill up plumbing piping, and damage foundations too. Removing the tree before major damage can be done is essential to minimizing the cost of an overgrown tree.

It’s Diseased

Sad as it can be, disease and insect damage are real and prevalent issues, even with native trees. Insects such as bark beetles in particular tunnel between the wood and bark of the tree leaving it to die slowly. Other insects can attack the foliage or root systems the can damage or kill the tree.  Trees can also be attacked by fungus or parasites that stifle the tree as it preys on the host. It’s rare that a tree can be brought back after severe damage from an insect or disease and it is usually recommended that it be removed to avoid the spread of the pest and to keep the deteriorating tree from falling and causing damage to homes or property.

It’s Threatening Your Property

Did you know that if you have a tree that is a potential threat to your home, your homeowner’s insurance may pay to remove it? Many insurance carriers recognize that the cost to remove a tree is likely far less than the cost to repair the damage from the tree later. There’s a catch – most insurance companies will want to know that the tree has been maintained regularly and isn’t a threat due to neglect.

Arizona Tree Trimming Can Help

Not only can we provide regular maintenance to keep your trees beautiful and healthy, but we can also safely remove trees completely including stump grinding. This is an essential step in the removal process of many species of trees such as Aspens and Sissoo to prevent regrowth. Visit our contact page to schedule your routine maintenance, removals, or emergency service.

Don’t let this happen to you!

tree falling on a house