Did you know that Arizona Tree Trimming & Removal generates over 40,000 pounds of woodchips every day? Our expert stump grinding process breaks down unsightly stumps and the result is a surprising amount of woodchips. Here’s the best part; we want to give you woodchips for free. That’s right, and we’ll even *deliver them to you! So, what can you do with our free woodchips? We’ve got some ideas:

Line and Define Pathways

Create winding paths around your home and landscaping, or enhance existing pathways with woodchips. The contrasting color and texture create an inviting and attractive look.

Mulch Flower Beds

Enhance the look of your flowerbeds with woodchip mulch. Not only does it look nicer than bare dirt, but woodchip mulch has an insulating effect that will keep your soil moist in the dry summer heat.


Balance out your compost greens (grass, food scraps, and manure) with brown materials, like woodchips.

Build Up Raised Beds

When filling raised beds, using all soil can be expensive. Fill beds halfway with a base of woodchips and then topsoil. This will create great drainage and save the cost of all soil as well.

Animal Bedding

Keep your pets happy with fresh bedding. Animals from horses to chickens, to tortoises love fresh bedding and woodchips are a great option.

Pad Play Areas

Create a soft landing for play areas by lining it with woodchips. Do you know a school or non-profit that could use a fresh load of chips? Let us know, we’d love to help!

We’ll Deliver To You

We are happy to deliver woodchips to you for free within 15 miles of our business at Scottsdale Road and Dynamite. Not sure if you qualify? Give us a call and we’re happy to help figure it out.

*our woodchips are free to anyone and we will deliver them to you within 15 miles of our Scottsdale Rd and Dynamite location.