Summertime and the living is….hot! With temperatures consistently above 110 degrees, even native plants can struggle without proper amounts of water. And with an unpredictable monsoon season and unprecedented drought levels, our yards need more irrigation than ever. But it’s not just enough to water plants, knowing how much to water and how often is key to keeping plants healthy and looking great too.

Bermuda Grass

This hearty variety is the most common grass type in the Phoenix area. It seeds itself each year after initial planting and regrows as the temperatures rise. Bermuda grass loves deep soaks less frequently rather than short waterings daily. Waterings should reach 12″-18″ deep and should be done every 3 days throughout the summer months. Not sure if the water is reaching deep enough? After watering, stick a screwdriver into the earth. If it goes in easily to a depth of at least 12″, then the water has penetrated to that depth.

Native Trees and Shrubs

Palo Verde, Mesquite, Palms, and Citrus trees are all water lovers despite being drought tolerant. While they can stand the summer heat, they fair much better with proper irrigation. Much like with Bermuda grass, each of these types of trees loves a deep soak. So while frequency is important, length of time watering is even more important. Plan to water 5 days a week for 30 mins each day in the summer heat, and once a week for 30 mins in winter months. Also take into consideration temperature, age of the tree, and amount of rainfall.  Deep watering is not only good for the health of the tree now, but down the road as well. Where there is water, there are roots. Shallow roots can leave the tree vulnerable to uprooting during monsoon storms.

NonNative Trees

While not native to Arizona, there are many trees and shrubs that do well in the desert heat. African Sumac and Russian Olive are very common invasive species of trees in the desert. Many of these types of trees are water lovers and need to be watered to the same depth of desert native species, 2′-3′ deep but much more frequently every 7-10 days.


Yes, even cacti need artificial irrigation too! The main difference is the recency of when the cactus was planted and how much rain comes with the monsoon season. Even moderately wet seasons are enough for cactus to thrive. But if the plant is newly planted or if it’s a drier year, additional water is beneficial to helping the cactus to get established and stay healthy. Plan to water every 14-30 days and to a depth of 8″-12″.

Let Arizona Tree Trimming Help

Not sure if your plants are getting enough water? Having a hard time keeping up with an out-of-date irrigation system? Need to have an irrigation system installed? Arizona Tree Trimming & Removal has you covered! We do more than just trim, our irrigation team can help ensure your plants are watered correctly and efficiently too. Give us a call to schedule time to evaluate your system: 480-794-0706