Did you know that a claim for damage caused by a fallen tree can be denied by your homeowner’s insurance? Even if the reason that the tree fell is covered by your insurance? If a tree is not well maintained, insurance companies will point to the tree’s poor health as the reason it fell and damaged your or another’s property – and poor tree health isn’t covered by homeowner’s insurance. There are simple steps you can take to help prevent costly and or life-threatening damage from a fallen tree.

Schedule Regular Maintenace

Professional tree trimming is essential to the health and longevity of the tree. Improper maintenance can lead to:

  • top-heavy trees
  • poor growth management
  • unbalanced and or unpleasant look
  • faster than average regrowth
  • poor/shallow root systems

Water Correctly

Watering trees is vital to their health, but how they are watered matters too. Shallow watering, infrequent schedules, and or an insufficient amount of water can all contribute to poor health. For example, if a tree is watered for short times, the water isn’t able to penetrate deeply into the soil. The tree’s roots will follow the water and thus will develop in the shallower area rather than deep in the ground. Not having deep roots can cause the tree to topple in high winds because the roots are not able to anchor it.

Keep Records

When you have maintenance performed on your trees, ask for an assessment of the tree’s health as well. Have the professional document what maintenance was performed and then keep the record. Confirm how often the maintenance should be performed and be sure to stay on schedule – especially prior to the stormy summer months.

Let Arizona Tree Trimming & Removal Help

At Arizona Tree Trimming & Removal, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service for our customers. We don’t just cut trees – rather, we trim and prune trees to give an aesthetically pleasing look to the tree, but also to ensure the long-term health of the tree and also the safety of the property around the tree. If you have storm damage or want to prevent future potential damage, give us a call to schedule your appointment!

can insurance companies deny your claim for a fallen tree