Ah! Are you loving these beautiful fall temperatures as much as we are?! Many Phoenix residents associate spring with being the best time to trim, but fall is also a good time to clean up your yard as well. It’s the perfect time to plant that winter lawn, trim up shrubs and trees, and get any other areas of your yard cleaned up and ready for holiday guests.

What to Trim

While it might seem wrong, fall is the perfect time to trim deciduous trees (i.e., trees that lose their leaves). The absence of leaves makes it easier to see the branch systems and gives the tree a great shape. But evergreens like pines, olives, ash, elm, plum, and more, are all OK to trim in the fall too. Native trees such as palo verde, sissoo, mesquite, willow acacia, Palo Brea, and African sumac are all best trimmed either before monsoon season or in the cooler temperatures of fall. The same can be said for shrubs like pomegranate, sages, grasses, all paradise varieties, and Dalea. These should be pruned in the fall to ensure beautiful growth in the spring.

What to Leave until Spring

The general rule of thumb (a green thumb that is!) is any plant that is sensitive to cooler weather should wait until the warmth of spring and the threat of frost has passed to trim up. That includes citrus, ficus, bougainvillea, and any other plants that aren’t friends with frost. It’s good to leave some growth on the plants in case of frost damage. That way, the plant itself doesn’t get damaged—only the outer leaves. While it may be challenging not to clear off those dead parts from frost damage, be sure to leave them because they actually protect the plant. Those leaves can then be trimmed away in the spring.

Fall Service Specials

Take advantage of our Fall Service Specials! Take $100 off of services totaling $500 or more and 50% off trimming of 10 trees or more! So get that “honey-do” list written up and then give us a call. We have openings as soon as this week to get your yard ready in time for all your upcoming holiday parties and get-togethers. Contact us to schedule your appointment!

And be sure to check out the list of services that Arizona Tree Trimming provides! We can assist with everything from trimming and yard clean up to tree removal and stump grinding, palm trimming, irrigation work, and cactus removal too. And don’t forget, we deliver wood chips to your door for FREE! Check out our service area for delivery.