Ah, wintertime in Arizona, is there anything better? With the highs expected to be in the mid to upper 70’s for the foreseeable future, now is a perfect time to get those landscaping projects going.

What to Trim

As the threat of frost begins to wane, it’s an excellent time to start to trim back any foliage damaged by frost. Now is the time for deciduous tree trimming as well, even if they haven’t begun to grow new leaves yet. And native trees do best when cut in late fall or early spring. While monsoon season seems far away, the reality is that it’s just five short months down the road! This means it’s not too soon to begin to think about getting your trees ready for the season. Thoughtful pruning helps keep trees sturdy in storms, which will prevent damage to the tree and your propertyproperty too.

Not sure what to trim? Having a professional assess and prune trees is essential to the health and longevity of the tree. No matter what, don’t ever get talked into topping your trees. This process cuts off nutrition to the tree by removing too many food-producing leaves at one time and can cause the tree to die. If the tree survives, it does so by sending out shoots faster than usual to preserve itself. These shoots make the tree grow back faster and not in an attractive way either.

What to Plant

February is a great month to plant vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, and celery. In addition, cool nights and mild days are the perfect time to plant new trees, especially citrus. No matter what you’re planting this month, ensure that the plants have a consistent and accurate water source to keep them healthy and thriving.

Other Projects

  • Fertilize citrus and trees this month
  • Remove dead or dying trees
  • Prune cacti to prevent bacterial spread
  • Clear land to prevent wildfires
  • Mulch walkways and flowerbeds with woodchips
  • Remove stumps and roots

Arizona Tree Trimming and Removal is Here to Help

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