Scottsdale homeowners need a local tree service they can count on for all their needs.

But how can you choose the best Scottsdale tree service for you?

We know there are plenty of Scottsdale tree services you can choose from. On top of smaller local firms like Arizona Tree Trimming and Removal, you’ll find plenty of statewide and even nationwide tree service franchises.

No matter what you choose, we want to help you make an informed decision you’ll be happy about.

With that in mind, we want to discuss the biggest differences between a local family-owned tree service in Scottsdale and the bigger guys.

A Family-Owned Tree Service Cares About Your Results

First and foremost, your family-owned Scottsdale tree service cares about your results. A smaller company relies on your positive reviews and referrals to build its book of business. Word of mouth is key. That means never cutting corners, so you always get an amazing experience.

On the other hand, large chain businesses can cold call hundreds or even thousands of potential customers a day. They don’t necessarily care about how your project turns out because they can always go on to someone else. If they make a mistake, they’re more likely to dispute it than make it right.

A Family-Owned Tree Service Uses Only the Best Techniques

With a family-owned tree service, your arborist needs to think ahead to how your property will be affected in three months, six months, or even a year from now. That means always going with the best solution, even if it takes a little more time to apply. In the long run, it saves us time and saves you money.

For example, a good family-owned tree service will never harshly “top” trees. “Topping” means cutting the top branches directly across in a horizontal orientation. This can throw the tree into shock – it might die, or it might grow back much faster than you’d like. With us, each tree gets individualized attention and care.

A Family-Owned Tree Service Focuses on a Team, Not Contractors

When you choose a tree service or any other company that does work around your home, you want certainty about what you’re getting. Large companies need to cover a huge service area, and they do that by working with subcontractors. Each one might have limited experience and different ways of doing things.

With Arizona Tree Trimming and Removal, every member of the team adheres to the same high standards in safety and quality. We all agree on the best way to tackle all the challenges you might have. And once you’ve had a single appointment with us, we’ll ensure you work with the same tree specialist going forward.

Are There Any Drawbacks to a Local Tree Service in Scottsdale?

Over the years, we’ve heard from some people say that they like to work with the big guys because they feel those companies can do the job faster and better. When they try us, however, most of them make the switch. That’s true of homeowners and business owners alike.

As a licensed and insured local tree service, we promise to bring 100% to every job. We’re not done until you’re more than satisfied. Our hand-picked, fully trained experts give you the best customer care, quality, and safety.

Yeah, it’s impressive that SOME companies cover the entire state. But when you want somebody who actually knows your neighborhood – including what kinds of trees you have and what those trees need to thrive – it’s local all the way. Contact our team today to get started.