While June 15th is the official start of monsoon season, traditionally the season was not in full effect until there were 10 consecutive days of a dew point of 50 degrees or higher – or when it was really hot and really humid for many days in a row! Even though we’re in monsoon season now, we typically don’t start seeing big storms until late July and August. This means it’s not too late to get your trees and yard ready for monsoon season!

What to Prep For

Avoid property damage from falling branches and even uprooted trees with consistent and thoughtful pruning. By removing branches of a specific diameter and in specific areas, it allows wind to blow through the tree, rather than blowing over the tree and potentially uprooting it. Keep homes, cars, landscapes, and hardscapes safe by removing deadwood and precarious branches that can easily snap in strong winds and driving rain.

Things to Keep In Mind

Inspect branches and tall shrubs like oleanders, bamboo, and hop seed to ensure that they haven’t grown into any overhead power or cable lines. If they have, be sure to alert crews that they need to be trimmed away from those areas. Arizona Tree Trimming & Removal can cut the plants away from the lines and keep your plants looking great at the same time – no funny “haircuts” here!

An added benefit for a well-pruned tree or shrub is that it won’t just be safer in a storm, but it looks great too! Not to mention that a well-maintained tree will stay healthy and grow in an aesthetically pleasing way as well.

We Do More Than Trees

From general yard clean-up to tree removal, irrigation, stump grinding, cactus removal, palm tree trimming, even ongoing maintenance, Arizona Tree Trimming & Removal does it all! Call us today to let us know what your landscaping needs.

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