There are many benefits of keeping your trees trimmed on a yearly basis.  Being living organism, trees thrive in the proper conditions, many of which trimming your trees can help.

Protect your home and property from damage.

Arizona can have very serious monsoon storms in the summer months. Excess limbs, asymmetry  of limbs or tree structure and dead branches  in trees can cause serious damage to homes, automobiles, power lines, fences or other personal property. Arizona Home Check can trim your trees before bigger problems begin. See this HUGE tree we removed as a preventative tree trimming measure.

Large Tree Removal and trimming In Phoenix AZ

Arizona Home Check Loading Large logs during a Tree Removal

Enhance the Look of Your Property

Proper tree trimming and maintenance will help you property look fantastic all year. It will also cut down on unnecessary tree litter when the canopy is thinned out. This way when the desert wind picks up in the Phoenix area, there will be less leaves and sticks in your yard and pool.

Help Your Trees Stay Healthy

Tree trimming will help stop large branches from breaking away from your tree causing wounds and splits that make your tree susceptible to infection and fungus. Let’s face it, shade trees are an investment and don’t grow huge overnight. Protect the your investment of time and water over the past years simply by scheduling a tree trimming with Arizona Home Check today.

Additional Tree Trimming Info

If you live in the Phoenix Metro area and have a tree that has suffered wind or storm damage the tree may need to be removed. Arizona home check offers complete tree removal with stump removal. Our tree trimming professional will remove the tree limbs safely avoiding any property damage. Next, the large branches and trunk will be cut into section preparing for haul away. The stump can become an eyesore and can even begin growing a new tree even after being completely cut down. Many trees that grow well in the Phoenix area can have wide spreading root structures that can continue to cause damage even after the main tree has been cut down! This situation would require stump removal. Arizona Home Check will grind the stump below the surface of the ground which will leave no trace of the tree.

In other situations your large tree may need more than a tree trimming. We can cut back large trees so they will regrow at a smaller size while retaining the ability to shade some or your yard from the intense Phoenix sun.

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