There’s More Than One Way to Remove a Stump – Why Choose Stump Grinding in Arizona?

No matter if you need Phoenix stump grinding or Scottsdale stump grinding, one thing is for sure: It is the best and fastest way to get rid of an unwanted stump at a reasonable price. While there are several different ways to deal with an unwanted stump, expert arborists in Scottsdale know stump grinding is the best.

The most popular alternatives to Phoenix stump grinding include chemical stump removers and burning. We never recommend chemical stump removers in Phoenix because there is no telling what mix the service will introduce into the stump and what its ultimate effects on the land will be.

Plus, chemical stump removal still leaves material left over to be manually removed!

Burning is out of the question for many Scottsdale and Phoenix residents because of local ordinances. The last thing you want is to end up paying a fine or dealing with an unhappy neighbor. Needless to say, burning could have unexpected consequences that will damage the surroundings and leave a lasting reminder of your stump.

Local homeowners agree — stump grinding is more convenient. 

The last resort for those who want to avoid stump grinding, for whatever reason, is to manually pull the stump out. This requires a backhoe or a truck with a chain, but it’s not guaranteed to work unless the tree is relatively young and not deeply rooted (it is better than manually digging a tree out, though!)

All in all, Phoenix stump grinding stands out as the most practical and effective solution. With Arizona Tree Trimming and Removal of Scottsdale, you can kick back while it all gets done by experienced professionals with the right tools for the job. We always come ready for stump grinding immediately after Scottsdale tree removal.

Whether you book Scottsdale stump grinding, Phoenix stump grinding, or other Arizona stump grinding, you also get a special perk: The opportunity to use the wood chips from your stump. Our customers tell us again and again that these chips are terrific for mulch, compost, and fertilizer. They make great gifts for gardeners!

There may be other ways to remove a stump in Scottsdale, but nothing beats Scottsdale stump grinding. Once you see the flat, level ground, you won’t settle for results from other methods!