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Have you ever sat on a cactus? YEOWCH! Our Scottsdale cactus removal service is here to help!

While most people probably haven’t sat down on a cactus before, you don’t need to be part of a professional tree service to have the experience of getting poked by one of those sharp spines. There are many different cacti out there, and odds are good you’ve encountered some of the most noteworthy.

The Saguaro cactus is an iconic part of the landscape here in the American Southwest. It can grow over 40 feet tall and live up to two centuries. There’s also the Prickly Pear, which produces colorful flowers and edible fruits that make it worthwhile to deal with their thorns.

As you’d probably expect, cacti have spines to protect them against predators.

But the same features that areso helpful in the wild also make Scottsdale cactus removal a challenge. Even a young Saguaro cactus may have spines up to two inches in length! As the cactus matures, the coverage becomes more numerous and dense.

And when it comes to cacti, there’s always more than meets the eye.

Cactus Removal Means Getting to the “Root” of the Problem

Scottsdale cactus removal is often performed to clear land or make it safer ahead of a construction project or sale. It’s a great way to make sure that your land is protected. Even if you don’t want to get rid of every cactus around, removing a diseased or damaged cactus can keep pests and rot from spreading to other plant life.

That said, there’s more to Scottsdale cactus removal than what you see.

For countless generations, Arizona cactus species have been adapting to the high heat and low moisture of our area. While it’s true they need very little moisture to survive, their root systems can be huge! Widespread roots enable cacti to collect rainwater over a very broad area.

The Saguaro cactus, for instance, has a relatively shallow root system, but it can spread out 30 feet or more from the base, often as long as the height of the cactus itself. The Organ Pipe cactus has a similar growth pattern. If these go untouched, you haven’t really gotten Scottsdale cactus removal!

That’s because many types of Arizona cactus can grow back from the root system.

They may not re-grow in exactly the same place or exactly the same way. But within a few weeks you could find new growth anywhere within the “footprint” of the original cactus. What’s worse, this new growth will be more vulnerable to pathogens that could sweep across the plants you want to keep.

They might even jump from your damaged cactus to the trees you want!

Get Scottsdale Cactus Removal Done Right with Arizona Tree Trimming and Removal

As an insured local business with plenty of experience, we know all the tricks that a wily Arizona cactus can use to re-grow right under your nose. We handle Arizona cactus trimming and Arizona cactus removal for even the very biggest cacti around. You can rest assured the job will be done completely and right the first time.

We’ve heard from many homeowners who tried to do their own Scottsdale cactus removal. They tell us that DIY cactus removal in Arizona is a lot harder than it looks. One little slip could leave you with a cut big enough to require stitches. Our team knows safety inside and out and brings all the equipment with us so you don’t have to.

Let Arizona Tree Trimming and Removal tussle with your problem cactus – we do it all from A to Z.

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