Stump Grinding

Once you’ve had your problem tree removed, there is a rather unsightly stump left behind.  A stump left behind can have some undesired results.

  1. A stump can begin to regrow! If you just had a tree removed, a tree that regrows in its place is most likely unwanted.
  2. A stump left behind after a removal is still alive, it’s roots can continue growing upsetting foundation, sidewalks, drive ways, block walls and more.
  3. A stump left from even a dead tree can be a tripping hazard depending on the location.
  4. A stump that is left behind can be a haven for the dreaded termites. Once they begin feasting on the dead stump, their colony can grow. When this happens near your home, you may be jeopardizing your homes safety from these wood eating pests as well.

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