The Story of Arizona Tree Trimming and Removal Starts with The Original “Logfather”

Growing up, our founder, Jesse Csincsak, learned the tree services trade from his father. The Csincsak family lived right here in Arizona and burned firewood for warmth every winter. Mr. Csincsak used to climb trees thirty feet high with no ropes, all to provide for his family and help the community.

That was a different time, and today’s Arizona Tree Trimming and Removal uses higher safety standards and modern equipment. But the lessons the original “Logfather” taught before passing that name down to Jesse will never be forgotten and continue to shape the company to this very day.

After years of working by Dad’s side, Jesse Csincsak inherited the mantle and got started with his first business. But it wasn’t originally a tree trimming and removal brand. At the head of a new general-purpose property management firm, he quickly realized that 90% of his calls were for tree removal.

Naturally, he remembered the words of his father: “People who know how to work with their hands to feed their families will never go hungry.” Heeding the call, Jesse knew that he would someday have a great livelihood to hand down to his children, just like his Dad did for him.

It was time to pivot to meet the community’s needs once again.

Arizona Tree Trimming and Removal Brings Decades of Experience to Every Project

The company has been around in its present form for over ten years, plus more than a decade of learning from the past generation. From the first dump trailer, first chainsaw, and first tractor, Jesse Csincsak built his tree business with a focus on quality, safety, and great customer service.

Every member of the team has been carefully selected and trained by “The Logfather” himself. That means you can rest assured you’ll get the same dedication to excellence no matter which members of our team you work with. And, of course, projects are still supervised directly by our founder.

We started with residential tree services in Arizona and this is still the biggest part of our business. In recent years, we’ve won competitive commercial tree services contracts. There’s no job too big or too small for our dedicated team. Give us the chance to earn your business and you’ll never look back!

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