Scottsdale Stump Grinding

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Scottsdale Stump Grinding

Is Scottsdale stump grinding really worth doing? YES, it is! You’ve finally done it – removed that troublesome tree you’ve been wanting to get rid of, maybe with the help of a Scottsdale tree removal service like Arizona Tree Trimming & Removal. But there’s one more thing to deal with: The stump. If you want reliable, permanent results from tree removal, the stump can sabotage you months later.

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Tree stumps are:

  • Unattractive
  • Dangerous tripping hazards
  • A potential area for tree regrowth
  • Potential host for destructive fungal or bacterial growth that can spread to other trees
  • Cause of sunken area due to deterioration of the stump

    Stump Grinding is:

    • Quick
    • Efficient
    • Non-toxic compared to chemical removers
    • Complete – an even surface post-treatment
    • A solution for less risk of regrowth

    Grinding down a stump from a tree that has been removed can be thought of as the final step in the process. The end result is level ground with no risk of regrowth and no ugly stump left over. The wood chips created in the process can be used to mulch flower beds, added to a compost pile, or we can haul them away for you too.

    Don’t waste time renting equipment, hauling it, and learning to use it – and then risking injury! Our experts at Arizona Tree Trimming and Removal can grind stumps efficiently with our commercial equipment and professional know-how.

    Stump Grinding Keeps You From Getting “Tricked” by Tree Stumps

    The stump is only a tiny fraction of the whole height of the tree, but it can give you outsized problems if you leave it. For one thing, many types of trees can completely regrow from the stump. That includes hardy trees like those adapted to survive in the arid climate Arizona is famous for.

    Regrowth happens from dormant buds in the bark tissue. Simply cutting the tree means these buds get sun, spurring a growth response that can be dozens or even hundreds of times faster than growth from a mature tree. Before you know it, you could be starting the process all over again.

    With stump grinding Scottsdale locals can save time and money!

    The Benefits of Stump Grinding Scottsdale Residents Love

    For a neat and tidy appearance, you can’t beat stump grinding in Arizona. But that’s only the beginning of many benefits. Just consider how much better your property can be when you “finish the job” by getting professional stump grinding in Scottsdale or the surrounding communities:

    Higher Value for Your Land

    No matter if you’re a homeowner or a business owner, maintaining your land is crucial to getting the best value if you decide to sell. Sellers are often leery of complicated landscaping, and they see stumps as issues they will have to deal with sooner or later. Get it taken care of early so your sale has that much less to “stumble over” in the future. Even if you’re passing a property down, you’ll still make things easier with stump removal.

    No Dangerous Fungi or Bacterial Growth

    Stumps might look like they’re inert, but they’re alive. They can even become host to their own ecosystem. The things most attracted to stumps are pests, fungi, and certain forms of bacteria. They only need a little while to fester and spread from your stump to the healthy trees on your property. To protect all the trees you still want from the one you don’t, your best bet is stump grinding in Scottsdale.

    No Toxic Chemicals in the Removal Process

    Chemical stump removal uses harsh and abrasive chemicals. They can be dangerous to inhale or touch, and they don’t always completely remove the stump. You’ll usually need to “pre-treat” such a stump by cutting it, which is hard work in and of itself. Our Scottsdale stump grinding process is all-natural.

    Discount Wood Chips!

    Last but certainly not least, an all-natural approach means the resulting wood chips are completely safe for heating your home. They can even be used in your barbecue or smoker. Just let us know you’d like to keep them and we’ll do the rest.

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