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Palm tree removal Scottsdale for your dead palm tree that’s an eyesore…or if you think your palm tree may be infested or diseased. Arizona Tree Trimming & Removal offers residential and commercial palm tree removal services for anyone wanting to remove palm trees from their property. Call us today!

Arizona Tree Trimming and Removal serves Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Glendale, Sun City, Peoria, Carefree, Rio Verde, Paradise Valley and more.

Palm tree removal can be a challenging task. Palm trees are some of the most difficult trees to safely remove. If you decide you’d prefer to trim the tree rather than fully remove it, you need palm tree trimming Scottsdale can rely on – done by real specialists in these unusual trees.

Arizona Tree Trimming and Removal of Scottsdale is here to make it happen quickly and easily.

Why You Need Expert Palm Tree Removal Scottsdale

Palm trees are loved for their striking appearance and their positive associations with relaxation, abundance and victory.  But when you need to remove a palm tree in Arizona, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Even a young palm tree is a uniquely complicated tree removal project. Here’s why:

No Use of Traditional Felling

Traditional tree felling techniques rely on cutting branches before felling the trunk. Because palm trees grow straight up and don’t have a conventional branching pattern, the whole tree has to come down at once. This requires a coordinated effort by several arborists and usually calls for specialized equipment.

Extraordinary Height and Weight

 Arizona palm trees can grow up to a height of more than 100 feet. This is another reason why palm tree removal in Arizona requires customized heavy equipment operated by team members who understand safety. Palm tree removal should never be attempted by a homeowner due to the risk of a trunk falling in the wrong direction.

Unusual Trunk Structure

Many common trees in Arizona have a solid wooden structure that enables professionals to see through them using a chainsaw. Palm trees resist being cut down because they have a fibrous structure. It may take three times longer to fall an Arizona palm tree, so the work should begin as early as possible.

Dangerous Palm Fronds

Palm fronds have an iconic look – we’ve all enjoyed the sight of them swaying gently in the breeze. But they are more than they seem at first. The fronds and the petioles (the part that attaches to the leaf and stem) are both heavy and sharp. Appropriate PPE is necessary to keep tree removal professionals from injury during the task.

Aggressive Pests and Diseases

Even palm trees that seem healthy can harbor diseases or pests that may transfer to other trees if the removal isn’t handled properly. The South American palm weevil and Fusarium wilt are just a few examples. At Arizona Tree Trimming and Removal, we carefully manage each palm tree removal to minimize the risks to other trees.

Difficult Disposal

While it’s common to chop up fallen trees for wood chips and mulch, this usually isn’t an option with Arizona palm trees. Instead, the entire tree needs to be properly cut up, secured, and transported to an appropriate disposal facility. If done without professional help, this can add thousands of dollars to your total cost.

Palm Tree Removal Scottsdale Handles All Your Toughest Palm Tree Challenges

We remove palm trees in Scottsdale and elsewhere in Arizona for all these reasons:

  • Your palm tree is an eyesore and you want it gone
  • Your palm tree is infested, diseased, or just rotten
  • Your unstable palm tree presents a falling hazard
  • You want to remove trees ahead of a future sale

Whatever your reason, our team is on the case for tree removal in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Cave Creek, Glendale, Sun City, Peoria, Carefree, Rio Verde, Paradise Valley, and other surrounding communities. To learn more and get an estimate for your convenient tree removal in Arizona, contact us today.

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