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Do you need tree pruning services? We care for your trees and property as if they were our own. Tree trimming can improve the health, safety, and appearance of your trees, and can add value to your property. Preventative maintenance will extend the life of your trees by ensuring the structural integrity and aesthetic value of each variety of tree. Our skilled trimming – not tree topping – ensures healthy regrowth and a long life for your tree too. We can also remove almost any tree – large or small. 

Arizona Tree Trimming and Removal Scottsdale also provides services for Shrubs, Hedges, Bushes, Logging, Landscaping and Land Clearing.

When it comes to tree pruning in Scottsdale, our customers get many benefits:

Prevent Your Tree from Falling or Doing Damage

The biggest reason for tree pruning is to prevent damage to your home or the rest of your property. An unbalanced tree is especially vulnerable to pests, fungi, and disease. Any of these can turn a tree into a major safety risk.

Get Your Tree Away from Nuisances and Hazards

Even if a tree was carefully planted far from any hazards, many of them can last for centuries. Things change, so it’s up to us to look out for our trees. If you notice branches overhanging your roof, get them away before they harm your gutters or the rest of your home. The same is true of power lines.

Strengthen Your Tree Against Environmental Stress

Annual pruning helps trees improve their photosynthesis of sunlight into energy. That makes them more resilient against harsh weather, pests, disease, and other problems that could bring them down. 

Fruit Trees Bear More Fruit!

This is a fun one – when you prune a fruit tree, you help to stimulate the growth of new fruiting wood, which creates more fruit spurs that will eventually bear fruit. On the other hand, a neglected tree will eventually have much more non-fruit-producing deadwood. 

When Is the Best Time to Prune a Tree in Scottsdale?

The best time to prune a tree in the Scottsdale area depends on the type of tree. Arizona Tree Trimming and Removal works with many types of trees that grow in Scottsdale, but most of the requests we get are for deciduous tree trimming or palm tree trimming.

These two types of trees have different needs that influence when you should schedule tree pruning in Scottsdale:

Deciduous Tree Pruning in Scottsdale – Winter

The best time to prune nearly any kind of deciduous tree is during their dormant season. This peaks in the winter. If you want to be sure you get all the benefits of tree pruning with none of the drawbacks, be certain to plan for your annual pruning before your tree starts to leaf out.

Palm Tree Pruning in Scottsdale – Spring or Summer

Because they don’t have the same branching pattern as most other trees, palm tree pruning can be much more challenging. The sharp fronds of palm trees can be dangerous if you try to prune them yourself. You can remove dead or brown fronds at any time, but the best time to prune palm trees is in the spring or summer.

Other types of trees include:

Citrus Tree Pruning in Scottsdale – Late Winter

Citrus trees should be pruned in late winter after the last frost to curb the risk of stressing the tree. A little bit of pruning can be done nearly any time, but maintain a light touch outside of winter. The latest to prune citrus trees in Scottsdale is early spring.

Evergreen Tree Pruning in Scottsdale – Varies

Evergreen trees are best pruned in late winter, early spring, or during their summer dormant period. The biggest rule when it comes to pruning evergreen trees in Arizona is to make sure you are doing it well outside their growth flush. We will always verify the time is right before taking blades to any tree, so you can be confident that your tree is in good hands.

About Summer Pruning

Summer pruning can be risky and should usually be avoided. Damaged or broken branches can be removed at any time, but heavy pruning runs the risk of throwing your tree into shock and could kill it.

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