Wood Chip Delivery

wood chip delivery

Free Wood Chips!

Wood chips provide great benefits for your plants. Available for free from Arizona Tree Trimming and Removal, wood chips can improve soil nutrient levels, suppress and kill weeds, increase soil moisture levels, moderate soil temperatures, and protect soil from damage.You’ll receive an entire dump truck worth of wood chips, which can be as much as 20 cubic yards, approximately. There is no way to request a specific amount. It could be anywhere from 4-20 cubic yards. Don’t need that much? Ask your neighbors and make it a community delivery!

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As soon as you place a request, you could get a delivery as early as that day. Typical delivery times are between 1 and 5 weeks depending on where we are working that month. We mostly work in the Greater Phoenix area. Sometimes we work further out but not quite as often.

Our crew will try to give you a heads up when they’re making a delivery but if you submit your request, we will deliver the wood chips to the place you designate below.

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