A good arborist in Scottsdale is an experienced professional who understands the needs and quirks of trees in our area. Certified arborists undergo many years of training and education so they can help homeowners and business owners give their Arizona trees the best possible chance to flourish.

Still, most people have probably never called up a Scottsdale arborist!

So, when do you need one?

A Scottsdale Arborist Can Help With Any Situation Related to Trees

No matter whether your goal is to extend the life of an existing tree, introduce new ones, or get rid of one (or more), it’s a wise idea to contact an arborist. An arborist’s advice at the start of a project can save you time and money – and when it comes to trees, that might mean months and thousands of dollars.

Here are some situations where advice from a Scottsdale arborist can be crucial:

Scottsdale Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is arguably the most important thing you can do for your tree’s overall health, no matter how old it is. A subtle and careful approach tailored to the individual tree’s species, tree trimming optimizes production of energy from sunlight – making a tree more resistant to pests, disease, and bad weather.

Scottsdale Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is more intensive than tree trimming. It can involve cutting back or completely removing a branch. Pruning damaged branches helps arrest the progress of rot and pests. Pruning also ensures that a tree doesn’t develop into a hazard by growing into power lines or a nuisance shedding over your fence.

Tree and Cactus Removal in Scottsdale

Even a small tree is a big job when it comes to tree removal services in Scottsdale. The tree must be carefully felled, then cut up and hauled away with the highest attention to safety. Scottsdale cactus removal is trickier, not just thanks to sharp spines. Cactus’ extensive root systems can take days to fully eliminate.

All Things Palm Tree

Arizona just wouldn’t be the same without palm trees, but don’t let their relaxed vibe fool you: They’re among the toughest trees to safely remove. Palm tree removal in Scottsdale often uses special equipment like cranes, lifts, and extra long blades. Those gently waving palm fronds can turn out to be razor sharp.

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