Did you know that it’s possible to trim a tree incorrectly? While it may be tempting to hire your regular landscaper to trim your trees – or to climb up and do it yourself, there are some big reasons why hiring a professional is worth it.  Just because a trim looks nice, doesn’t necessarily mean that the manner in which it was done is good for the health of the tree. And trimming for today’s look and tomorrow’s growth is essential to the longevity of your trees.


Maintain the Health of the Tree

Many times it seems that tree trimming is nothing more than taking off a branch here or there. In reality, trimming is not just for the health of the tree today, but for years down the road as well. A tree that is trimmed poorly or incorrectly won’t grow the right way. In addition, trimming at the wrong time of the year can cause stress that leads to slow growth or even death. Lastly, trimming with unmaintained equipment can bring disease to a tree that can cause damage that can be slow or never to recover. Not only is this bad for the tree’s health, but also for the look of the tree too.


In addition to keeping a tree healthy, the final look of the tree is also important. As trees grow, their shape can change which means they will have different trimming needs in order to maintain a beautiful appearance right now, and in the future too. What might look like a good shape today, could have the tree growing in an unfavorable way down the road. In addition, improper pruning can also leave unsightly scars and cankers on the trunk or limbs.


Trimming trees can be dangerous for several reasons. DIY’ers who aren’t accustomed to how to trim a tree, or who are unfamiliar with the equipment needed for trimming can be a recipe for disaster. In addition to the trimmer’s safety, ensuring the safety of the property is paramount as well. Falling limbs or tree sections can cause major damage to a home and or hardscape. Lastly, when a tree is not trimmed properly, branches and limbs can be more likely to break and fall during storms.

*If you’re an Arizona resident, be sure to trim in May to avoid losing limbs during monsoon season!

Arizona Tree Trimming Has You Covered

The health and aesthetics of your trees are our top priority. Don’t risk DIY trimming and your safety, or risk damaging your home or property. Leave the trimming to Arizona Tree Trimming! And we do more than just trees – check out our services page and give us a call, we’ll have your yard looking amazing in no time.